Il Clandestino - Restaurant

Everything and nothing ...
Those words can be the title of the new project of Clandestino. Everything for the beauty of the place and kitchen of Moreno.  

Nothing because Clandestino is a place made of nothing. Almost a stilt on the sea. Tetatet on tables and Edivad at the walls make the restaurant a really unique and special place. Light is intense and deep and at the same time soft and watery. A light thought to make people live an authentic sea experience.

A portable lamp which turns every table into a place to meet and to love place and finally to consider light like a fundamental ingredient of life. It is the most beautiful light in the world. The light which turns everything more real and deeper. The light which makes us feel unique around a table.
Competence Davide Groppi

Moreno Cedroni

Lighting Designer
Davide Groppi

Hospitality, Hotels + Hostels + Guest Houses