Osteria Francescana - Restaurant

In Via Stella, Modena, since 17 years you find Osteria Francescana by Massimo Bottura. Actually rooms shared by Massimo Bottura and his staff are larger and reach Rua Muro, via delle Rose, Rua Freda where we can find the bakery of the restaurant, the kitchen, confectionery, wine cellar, studio, garages, laundry. A small community. Francescana came back to its ancient entrance, nr 22 in via Stella. Once you enter, you realize how the food is only one of the tile composing Massimo’s project. On walls, you find paintings of Mario Schifano, Carlo Benvenuto, Giuliano della Casa, and many other, but also sculptures like “Piccioni” of Massimo Catellan ( exhibited at Biennale in Venice in ’96). A corridor illuminated with Nulla lamps takes you to the three rooms with a total of 28 dining places. Light is simple and at Massimo’s art service and of the masterpieces he like to see around him. Nulla, Sampei, Mira. Few, selected pieces to look for the beauty by chasing the truth. Light in the plate and in the eyes of people. Everything is studied deeply, in a combination of art, music, food, scents, life. Massimo Bottura purpose is the give a positive idea of Italy to the World. In order to discover craftsmen, raw materials, richness of our land. And what about the future? “In my future there is always the future” the chef declares with simplicity. Because a real researcher like him will never stop experimenting.

Nulla is light without source, it is illusion and magic. A true light-experience. The secret of “Nulla” is a hidden optical system.
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