At the Achalm

Living with a panoramic view – The location on a steep south-facing slope required an access to the house from the public road running below to the site situated about 12 metres higher.

Highlight of the residential house is a pool level. The pool level also accommodates the spa area with a long heated bench, which stretches from the outside to the fully glazed steam bath. Even the sauna, which was specifically designed for this residence, affords magnificent panoramic views.

In many languages, also in English, there are no different terms to distinguish between livingin the sense of being alive and living in one’s four walls. So if there is a room for living it should reflect the different situations in life. Then this room is, like ones personal condition, binary on all levels. It is composed and it is open, it is confined and wide, cool and warm, dark and sunny. In an ideal situation, this room allows life in different situations without any pressure, but remains unalterable regarding its purpose.
Kompetenz JUNG
 classic switch LS 990 in black and white

 Alexander Brenner Architekten, Stuttgart

Elektro Schäfer, Rottenburg-Wendelsheim

Residential, Single Houses