Light + Building 2024 – Talks and Tours – Impressions

Light + Building Guided Tours with eight international lighting designers and experts – World-Architects organized Talks+Tours with Sophia Klees and Lance Hollman, Prof. Andreas Schulz, and Guided Tours with Prof. Clemens Tropp, Michael Burghaus, Jan Nielsen, Reinhard Germer, Sabine De Schutter, and Ulrike Brandi. The tours were conducted in English or German and last approximately 90 minutes. Each of them showed us their individual highlights at Light + Building in Frankfurt March 2024.

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Moderator and Co-Guide
Renato Turri
PSA Publishers Ltd., Zürich | World-Architects

Follow-Up Report

Guided Tour "New lighting and building technology for sustainable architecture" with Michael Burghaus from architekturbüro .pg1 at Häfele/Nimbus (Photo: Koy + Winkel / World-Architects)

Light + Building 2024: Looking Back to the Future

Light + Building 2024 had to congratulate on a world record title and many touchpoints: electrification, digitalization, recyclable materials, intelligent systems, and networked mobility.

Looking Back to the Future

  • World-Architects Staff at Light + Building
  • Leticia Gonzalez
  • Ursula Pfingstgraf
  • Renato Turri
  • Peter Petz

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