Foto © Roger Frei
Foto © Roger Frei
Foto © Roger Frei
Foto © Roger Frei
Foto © Roger Frei
Foto © Roger Frei
Ground floor
Axonometry ground floor – Third floor

Hotel City Garden

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Metallstrasse 20, 6304 Zug

The Parkhotel in Zug planned to erect a temporary ancillary hotel building on a public site that in 12 to 15 years time will be used as the services area for a road building project. Despite the limited life–span this hotel was to meet the requirements of a four–star facility and to have an unmistakeable character.

We developed this project from the serial character of hotel buildings. The standard layout of bedrooms next to each other is transformed into an expressive building volume by swivelling the module. The sculptural façade corresponds with an internal corridor figure; the building is given a head and an end.

The idyllic location between the trees on the edge of the woods led to the idea of a reflective façade of polished chrome steel. The facetted building volume mirrors its natural surroundings and transforms the place into a kaleidoscope of building and nature. The short period for which the building will be used called for a time-saving construction method, which led to the use of a combined system (timber frame braced by a concrete core).

Type of Commission
study commission

MZ-Immobilien AG, Zug

commission: 2008
planning phase: 2008 – 2009
start of construction: 04.2009
completion: 12.2009

Space Program
4 star superior business hotel
66 rooms – superior
2 rooms – superior IV
11 junior suites
3 suites
lobby with bar
resaurant, kitchen
secondary rooms

net floor area: 3’978 m2
gross floor area: 4’368 m2
cubic content: 15’024 m3

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