Fussgänger und Fahrrad Brücke

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  • Brücken + Verkehrsbauten
Kiew, Ukraine

The site is located in the heart of Kyiv city, situated within the boundaries of the Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts and only one half kilometre from Maiden Nezalezhnosti.

The main tourist route along the banks of the Dnieper river – known as the Kraika route – is interrupted by the Volodymyrski Uzviz thoroughfare. The new pedestrian and bicycle bridge establishes a continuous path which links the two parks – Volodymyrska Hirka and Khreshchatyi.

The bridge is conceived as a viaduct that quietly curves through the park.

This high promenade is a logical continuation of the existing crest route through the Uppertown and the Dnieper hills. The configuration of the path directs views to the spectacular surroundings while preserving the protected park landscapes. As a complement to this unique landscape, the bridge spans the undulating topography with a nearly horizontal datum line creating a peaceful, yet powerful, element that connects flush with the existing landscape at both ends - allowing unobstructed access for people with limited abilities.

The use of basic, robust materials anchors this new element to the existing surroundings. At the same time, its implementation in steel is reminiscent of the directness and simplicity of the traditional footbridges in Kyiv.

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