PACA Eaux Vives Annemasse

concept strategy
concept landscape
concept mobility
detail plan north
axonometry of Chene Bourg, Route Blanche, Puplinge and Mica
KCAP Architects&Planners
Service de la planification directrice cantonale et régionale - Projet d‘agglomération
appr. 5000 ha
Urban planner
Participating parties
Arup Consulting Engineers Dublin

Regional planning on Geneva's agglomeration in France and Switzerland. The territory of PACA Genève-Eaux-Vives-Annemasse comprises an extended and multifaceted city, limited to the north by a vast agricultural space and to the south by a valley eroded by Arve. The overall strategy is based on three principles: a canvas of public and natural spaces, TP accessibility for everyone, and diverse urban projects. The public and natural spaces acquire a clear and robust boundary and spaces are meshed through a differentiated network of ecological
connections and soft connections. The challenge for the TP network is maintaining the current capacity of the road system, while at the same time developing a network of soft connections and public transport capable of absorbing the additional journeys generated by future development. Regarding the program, the difficulty lies in realizing a large-scale programmatic vision that plays out in specific local projects with densities and typologies adapted to each site. We therefore identify and qualify specific places for projects; together they can provide the framework for a diverse and sustainable lifestyle.

Dazugehörige Projekte

  • zhengzhou quarter
    HOLODECK architects
  • Umbau eines 50er-Jahre Wohnhauses, F41
    pier7 architekten
  • Masterplan
    Ammann Albers StadtWerke
  • Wohnüberbauung «Römerpark»
    Lämmli Architektur AG Architekten SIA
  • Riem Zentrum Ost
    Ammann Albers StadtWerke


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