Résidence du Château

Champlan, 2021

Coming Soon ... More at https://www.studioforma.ch/architecture-projects/residential/residence-du-chateau

Rainha XXI.

Tavira, Portugal, 2021

Coming Soon ... More at https://www.studioforma.ch/architecture-projects/residential/rainha-xxi

Cala Del Sol

Ibiza, Spanien, 2021

Coming soon ... More at https://www.studioforma.ch/architecture-projects/residential/cala-del-sol

Villa Veyrier

Veyrier, 2021

The VILLA VEYRIER is situated in an idyllic small Swiss village with a beautiful panoramic view of the backyard and the Mont Salève. The ...

Brasserie Verkehrshaus Lucerne

Lucerne, 2020

BRASSERIE VERKEHRSHAUS LUCERNE will open soon. More at https://www.studioforma.ch/architecture-projects/interior-design/brasserie-verkeh...

Villa Pegasus & Vila Phoenix

Nuolen, 2020

VILLA PEGASUS and VILLA PHOENIX are embedded in endless green surroundings in Nuolen. The villas feature purist modern architectural elem...

Hublot Tower

Ginza, Japan, 2020

STUDIOFORMA started working on the HUBLOT TOWER in 2017. Seeing the outcome three years later fills us with pure joy. In March 2020, HUBL...

Verti Music Hall

Berlin, Deutschland, 2018

The public area of the new VERTI MUSIC HALL, designed on behalf of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, gleams on the Mercedes-Benz-Platz in...

Neo-Gothic Villa

Zurich, 2017

The Mid-19th century NEO-GOTHIC VILLA is a jewel hidden in the hills of the elite Gold Coast of Zurich. We refurbished interior and simul...

Mansard Villa

Zurich, 2016

The beautifully renovated MANSARD VILLA shines afresh in a highly covetable residential area of Zurich. More volume was added to the home...

Apartment Refurbishment

Lake Zurich, 2014

The splendidly styled APARTMENT REFURBISHMENT at Lake Zurich mirrors the showrooms of Italian luxury designer brands. Decorative design o...

Contemporary Classical Mansion

Lake Geneva, 2014

CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL MANSION is located in a prestigious area close to Lake Geneva on a plot of 2500.00 m². The mansion is nestled in a...

Pavilion House

Zumikon, 2012

PAVILION HOUSE is located at the coveted Gold Coast of Zurich. The nurtured green roof of the villa blends in its nature surrounding. The...

Villa L

Lakeside Zurich, 2012

The VILLA L is situated in the vicinity of Lake Zurich and has a unique terrace, which promises an enchanting panoramic view of the Alps....

Medieval Manor House

Gold Coast Zurich, 2010

MEDIEVAL MANOR HOUSE, which was built in the 13th century, is set on a 7’500.00 m2 park amidst a historic village around the Gold Coast o...