Single House "Casa Meze"

Istanbul and Zürich based office 19:4 Architects’ foundations were laid by architect Arif Suyabatmaz in Istanbul in 1995 returning to the city after his studies in Vienna.

Arif Suyabatmaz partnered with Hakan Demirel in 2008, and they continued to work professionally together under the name Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects.

In 2015 the firm opened a second office based in Zürich and to this day continues to plan and build projects in Turkey, Switzerland, and abroad as 19:4 Architects.

The office focuses on residential housing, offices, and urban projects. The scale range varies from single houses to high-density residential blocks, from individual commercial units to shopping malls and from open cinemas to public squares.
No matter the size we insist to solve every smallest detail to obtain high-quality architecture. 19:4 Architects sees each project as a research opportunity to challenge the conventional and carry on their vision within this framework.

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