Federal Research Institute Agroscope

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Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik
Kreis 8 Architektur, Zürich
Nil Schelling, Zürich

The site of the Research Institute Agroscope is divided into two parts: A castle surrounding a historic park with an arboretum located on the slobe below and an orthogonal structured factory premises, which follows the topography and compacts by getting closer to the castle. The institute intends to redesign the entrance area as it is inadequate for allmost 10'000 visitors per year. An inviting, spatially convincing solution is sought, with low production costs and maintenance.

The areas of arrival (new parking lot) and meeting (core zone) should be arranged according to the usual order on the site, namely to occupy. This is done in a manner that promotes the circulation and attaching to the many paths. The encounter zone will be occupied by an orchard and a visitor pavilion joining an existing greenhouse. This settlement defines a space, which is connected to all paths and entrances. In particular the arboretum will get more importance by this gesture. Following the pavilion, the orchard is situated in a clearly defined inclined plane. The folding of the lawn is fundamental, where the largest part is flat and usable. The consequence is a lowering of the terrain, which is to the best for the historic castlefacade. By the institute newly bred fruit species will be shown as apples and pears like „Milwa“, „Ariwa“, „Iduna“, „La Flamboyante“, „Champirac“ and „Valerac“.

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