Pappeltanz Stadtpark Liebefeld

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The Green Triangle is centrally located; Schwarzenburgstrasse, Wabersackerstrasse and the newly constructed link road on the north side, which brings a significant traffic burden, spans it. Into the present central area an ample park is erected, built from black poplar, which lend the park its image to the outside. With its stately box-shaped figure, the strong trunk, and the furrowed bark, they can collectively put up a strong urban accent. Weeping willows dominate the stretched plane inside the park. When the wind brushes through the branches, the "moving walls” and the sphere comes to life. The desire to take the space in its base form is a prerequisite for the topographic intervention. It is all achieved by removal and landfill (mass balance), including forming the central level. Different surfaces inclined at different levels to meet and form edges. Curved lines will form the park. The strict language of form by the growth of grass and meadows, blurring in varying degrees occurs after partial cut into the light, only to disappear again after some time.

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