Tapiola - Gärten Furttalstrasse

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Isa Stürm + Urs Wolf Architekten, Zürich

The architecture figure encounters the settlement area with its arms and forms the different parts of the garden. At the same time the figure protects from the emissions of heavy traffic, Furttalstreet. The planting is designed as a "stacked Garden". In its stratification, it combines landscape architecture and architecture into one. The gently moving topography of the lawn and a network of paths, made of rammed earth, is its strong base. In front of the patios, small shrubs form intimate spaces and protect the ground floor occupants from onlookers. The crowns of white, pink, and red flowering trees dominate the outer space, especially at the height of the first and second floor. Occasionally they will produce edible fruit. Pine trees with their long and brown-orange bark form the upper evergreen canopy. In mature state they will over dominate the housing. The composition of the vegetation mirrors the nearby landscape fragments such as orchard and coniferous forest.

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