Photo © F. Pinjo
Photo © F. Pinjo
Photo © F. Pinjo
Photo © F.Pinjo
Photo © F. Pinjo

Bühler Innovation Campus

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Bühler-Immo Betriebs AG

Innovation campus
The CUBIC building forms the node of the Bühler Innovation Campus. The two-storey steel-skeleton building is situated upon the existing application halls and the new access core. Connecting bridges lead from the central 50 × 50 metre floor space to The high-rises and the Customer Center – To strengthen the Innovation Center’s use potential, the load-bearing elements, stairs, lifts and technical entrances are limited to three concrete cores. Together with three patios and three double-storey halls, they define the heart of the CUBIC building. An open spatial landscape stretches out as a decentralised ring formation. Converted shipping containers, lounge furniture and flexibly usable workplaces distributed on two floors create a progressive co-working space.

The interior resembles a factory hall. The unclad steel structure, the industrial trapezoid sheet metal ceiling and the oak floor enhance the effect. To allow all users to operate flexibly in all sectors, the ventilation system, smart building systems and building automation are all hidden beneath the removable raised floor. Users can even place the ventilation shafts and floor box units flexibly depending on requirements. The load-bearing trapezoid sheet-metal ceilings assume a special function. They consist of prefabricated elements that fulfil room-acoustic functions, while also housing the entire heating and cooling system.

The project team was awarded “LEED Gold Label” certification due to the building’s spatial qualities, as well as its intelligent synthesis of flexibility and sustainability.

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