Photo © M. Lins
Photo © M. Lins
Photo © M. Lins
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Photo © M. Lins

Hotel Revier

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Fortimo AG St.Gallen
Carmen Hernandez Arcas

Luxury in simplicity – Guests at the Hotel Revier are surrounded by graceful simplicity. The accommodation celebrates the freedom of a camper, the rustic atmosphere of an Alpine cabin and the functionality of a ship’s berth. The locally specific conditions define the conceptually reduced nature of the building.

The elongated, narrow building stands on a steep ridge with an extensive mountain forest behind it. The volume kinks twice to follow the line of the Heidsee. The head end with the hotel’s lobby, bar and restaurant faces the valley station of the mountain cable car. A further four storeys with a total of 96 rooms are supported by the concrete ground-floor base, which includes a spacious area for winter-sport equipment and bicycles.

All rooms face west towards the lake. They symbolise the adventure of a classic road-trip with a VW bus – as if one were parking directly by the lake and opening the tailgate. The atmosphere is created by a wall-to-wall bed and the room-high panorama window with ventilation wings.

The rooms are completely prefabricated modules made of cross-laminated timber. This single-ply construction wood simultaneously impresses as the load-bearing structure, room partition and interior surfaces. The rows of rooms create a double-layered structure that ensures better sound insulation. The bathrooms are integrated into the rooms as boxes.

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