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Photo © P. Reiner

Klinik Bellavista

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Klinik Bellavista AG
Alexandra Tobler

Clarity – Situated on the slope of the historical Vögelinsegg in Speicher, Bellavista Eye Clinic presents itself as a rock-like volume embedded in the embankment. It rises up from the ridge and opens up in the north towards Lake Constance. Despite its considerable size, its dark colour is intentionally reserved, with three kinks following the line of the terrain.

The black stained, tamped, exposed concrete of the building envelope highlights the facility’s stone-like character, although its colour varies depending on the light incidence. The solid nature of the building is dematerialised at its central section by means of a horizontal window band. The clinic area is housed in that section. The glazing provides a rhythmic structuring of the façade and lends the building lightness and a clear appearance.

Visitors arrive through the covered main entrance on the slope-side ground floor, stepping into the light-filled reception area. Around these, groups of treatment rooms are arranged to the left and right, as well as two operating theatres. The patient rooms are situated one level lower. All rooms are orientated towards the north and offer picturesque views, without invading privacy. The room-high glazing brings the outside world into the interior. All the rooms are filled with natural light. Electrically dimmable glass can be adjusted to provide shading from intense sunlight – making the rooms more agreeable to sensitive eyes.

Four penthouse apartments are situated above the clinic on a slightly recessed attic level. They also express a clear architectural language, articulated by a reduced material palette and strong relationships between interior and exterior environments.

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