Photo © Kuster Frey
Photo © Kuster Frey
Photo © Kuster Frey
Photo © Kuster Frey
Photo © Kuster Frey

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The objective with the TAG Heuer Corner at Christ Uhren und Schmuck AG was to replicate the globally defined brand identity of the respected Swiss watchmaking company in a local context.

The first challenge was to reconcile the design with the on-site situation and expectations while safeguarding the specified identity components. The second challenge was dealing with the sophisticated materials and color spectra: Wood/metal, wood mirror-polished and matt-lacquered, stained wood, black on black. The outcome was nothing less than perfect, to the great delight of the Dobas crew. Previously, it had achieved the same result with a TAG Heuer Corner at Huber Uhren und Schmuck in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In that project, Dobas AG also took care of everything from planning, implementation, and logistics to scheduling and invoice auditing.

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