Photo © Enea GmbH
Photo © Enea GmbH
Photo © Enea GmbH
Photo © Enea GmbH
Photo © Enea GmbH

Hotel and Restaurant Seerose

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Seerosenstrasse 1, 5616 Meisterschwanden

A modern harmony between design and nature. Enea was given the honor to be a jury member on an architectural competition for the extension of the hotel, also providing guidance for the design of
the entire area.

After the concept for the architecture was developed, Enea also designed the gardens for the complex. Being a protected area, Enea was to preserve the existing trees and plants, only making carefully planned interventions.

New outdoor rooms were created using trees and plants specific to the area, and smooth edges were designed with special attention to the meadows with fruit trees and the lake itself. The plants guide one through the site, working as a filter to the surroundings.

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