Photo © Enea GmbH
Photo © Enea GmbH
Photo © Enea GmbH

Vineyard Davaz

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Maienfeld is home to one of the most beautifully-situated vineyards in northern Graubünden. At the foot of the Fläscherberg mountain where vines stretch as far as the eye can see, Raised beds are laid out in squares, planted with aromatic spices selected specifically to compliment the fragrance of the local grape. A pergola embellished with draping blue wisteria provides a calming setting for wine tasting. Contoured waves of yew and white-flowering snowy mespil create the spaces within the entire garden. A swathe of Japanese blood grass adds contrasting color to the calm green landscape. Shadecreating plane trees and hornbeam shrubs, typical of the Bündner region, along the perimeter walls add vibrant yellow color in autumn, complementing the yellowing grape vines of the surrounding landscape.

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