Conscious Cities Festival 2020

How will conscious design change the way we transform our cities?

Conscious Cities Festival 2020 invites leading practitioners, activists, scientists and the general public from around the globe to explore the dialogue between people and place. 

Between October 18-24, 2020, the Centre for Conscious Design (CCD) presents Conscious Cities Festival 2020: To Shape and be Shaped. Hosted at venues and online platforms around the world, this year's festival will feature 15+ event series to discuss how Conscious Design can empower and meet the needs of local communities and individuals. Conscious Design is a continually evolving process that incorporates systems and structures, science, storytelling, and participatory-design.

Building on previous Conscious Cities Festivals hosted by the Centre of Conscious Design (CCD)  each event will tackle pressing issues facing urban populations. This year, the movement is launching its first group of local chapters, each of which is organizing an event in their city. Some speakers of note include Tiffany Shlain [Let it Ripple; founder], Adah Paris [Director and Producer of L&D Experiences], Upali Nanda [HKS Architects; Principal and Director of Research], and Jandel Allen Davis [Craig Hospital; President].

Mission Statement

The 2020 Conscious Cities Festival sparks global knowledge exchange by cultivating networks of local and diverse experts, organizations, and institutions to co-create solutions to current issues. The 2020 Conscious Cities Festival acts as an umbrella, assisting our chapters around the world to create their own Conscious Cities Events. To us, the conscious cities festival is only the beginning, igniting a continued network, dialogue, and reimagination of the built environment for years to come.

Conscious Cities Festival 2020 Participating Chapter and Events:

  • Opening Event, International
  • Accra, Ghana: Our Urban Heritage: Children, Nature, and Culture in the City
  • Adelaide, Australia: Being Adelaide
  • Bengaluru, India: The Person-Space Exchange
  • Denver, CO: Shaping Health
  • Ibiza, Spain: What is Next? Human Innovation
  • Lahore, Pakistan: The Human-Kind: Lahore
  • Lima, Peru: Perspectivas y posibilidades para una arquitectura peruana del buen vivir | Perspectives and possibilities for a peruvian architecture of well-being
  • London, UK: Flourish
  • Milan, Italy: ENERGIES’ LANDSCAPE | Food, Nutrition and Urban Environment
  • Monterrey, MX: La ciudad salva | The city saves
  • New York City, NY: Designing for Equity
  • Paris, France: Le capital social en ville face aux crises | Urban social capital under crises
  • Phoenix, AZ: Shaping Collaboration: Conscious Design in Phoenix and Beyond
  • Singapore: The Big Sit
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: Agency and the City: Expression in the Physical and Digital Commons
  • Toronto, CA: Conscious Toronto | Shaping an Equitable City
  • Warsaw, Poland: Sensing Our City

18 October to 24 October 2020
Online Event
Centre for Conscious Design