Open City Lagos

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  • Research
Lagos, Nigeria
Monika Umunna, Ore Disu, Fabienne Hoelzel
Client, project lead and co-editor
Heinrich Böll Stiftung Abuja
Project coordination and co-editor
NSIBIDI Institute

Open City Lagos is a conversation enacted across Lagos and with other cities, with a focus on the day-to-day experiences, grassroots initiatives and new opportunities for development and inclusion. As a project, it is an attempt to re-discover the instances and mechanisms that encourage people from diverse social, ethnic and religious backgrounds to interact and to commonly make use of limited resources with the effect of increasing their personal and collective good. We hope to initiate a public reflection on how individuals and communities through their actions, complemented by the government's urban policies, can enforce these opportunities. 134 pages

1 Governance/ Participation, pp. 1-48
2 Cultural Narratives, Urban Aesthetics, pp. 49-78
3 Economic Opportunities/ Real Life Stories, pp. 79-100
4 Migration/ Spaces of Negotiation, pp. 101-134

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