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GRUNER&FRIENDS is an international practice specializing in architecture, urbanism, research, and design, based in the city center of Basel, Switzerland.

Patrice Gruner established the office in Basel from where he and his friends operate worldwide.

Gruner and the friends have worked as project leaders for renowned firms
by managing large-scale developments in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East.

GRUNER&FRIENDS represents Swiss quality, precision, and innovation combined with a fine sense for the arts.



GRUNER&FRIENDS develops multi-scale projects within a network of international specialists and partners in close cooperation with our clients.

Through careful research, the office identifies the physical (site) and nonphysical (cultural, economical, social) CONTEXT in order to create unique CONCEPTS. The design process evolves into architecture with distinctive CONTENT, which adds value to contemporary life.



In the Creative Lab, the office is advancing beyond architecture. In multidisciplinary projects, we‘re combining domains such as arts, design, film, research, and technology.

To optimize our designs, we collect data from the site and its environment in order to create, evaluate, and optimize our designs. This process is focused on the project views, surfaces, areas, and cost. Through this method, we can create valuable spaces, smarter designs, and enjoyable atmospheres.

GRUNER&FRIENDS moves further into unexplored fields to develop pioneering approaches.

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