Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

St. Moritz

HOSOYA SCHAEFER is a Zürich-based studio for architectural designs, strategies, and research. It was founded by Markus Schaefer and Hiromi Hosoya in 2003. With an international network of collaborators, the studio is involved in building design and realization, urban design, media installations, strategic planning, and consulting.

For us, architecture means constant innovation. In each project, we strive not only to develop a specific idea but also to understand the big picture. Innovation is not an end in itself but an expression of an open approach towards the future and response to constantly changing conditions of our everyday life.
With innovation as a core competence, our field of activities is broad. We work on architecture, urban design, and research. We work with clients and partners who come to us with a wide range of questions and seek interdisciplinary solutions. We are rationally optimistic and see space, buildings, and cities as parts of a larger whole; a system that we want to understand and to design intelligently.

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