Parler Research House
Photo © Alexander Brenner Architects, Zooey Braun
Parler Research House
Photo © Alexander Brenner Architects, Zooey Braun
Parler Research House
Photo © Alexander Brenner Architects, Zooey Braun
Parler Research House
Photo © Alexander Brenner Architects, Zooey Braun
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Parler Research House PR39

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Stuttgart, Germany
Alexander Brenner Architekten

Housing as an experiment

The architect Alexander Brenner has created an experimental home and studio building with the “Parler Research House PR39” in Stuttgart that has an unusually down-to-earth and forceful effect. A location where interior and exterior blend together, light floods the living spaces, a strong presence of the highest quality, natural materials meets humorous elements – and contemporary living is not only reinterpreted but also challenged.

His living and studio house extending over four floors can be found built on a slope immediately adjacent to the offices of Alexander Brenner, The geometric shape of the building exhibits special details even from initial observations. Recesses and indentations along with natural surfaces characterise the villa. The exposed concrete façade is grey beige thanks to the locally used Jury stone. Behind that: 50-Centimetre-thick aircrete blocks so that – as with the complete building – the insulation also does not use artificial products. Perforated steel screens on the windows can be adjusted by hand and are used as sun protection. Alexander Brenner has integrated a leopard pattern into the steel sheets. His hallmark, that is often found playfully transformed as a quotation in his buildings and which should be understood as a homage that challenges the standard black of the architect’s craft with a wink. A large, iron gateway indicates the way inside. Where the rooms and their adjacent terraces have a generous feel from the inside, “House PR39” feels more closed from the outside, almost like a castle, provided in parts with only few accentuated openings and windows.

The architect’s studio is on the first floor after the two-storey entrance. On the second floor there is a bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, along with a wine cellar built into the hillside. On the third floor a kitchen, eating area, inglenook and reading area can be found. A veranda adjoins on the side towards the slope with an outdoor cooking area. Natural and high-quality materials extend throughout the interior spaces: Oak parquet in the bedroom, large natural stone blocks in the wet area or the counters covered in copper with stainless-steel work surfaces in the individually designed kitchen are just some examples. Natural stone and wood are combined again and again with solid, untreated steel elements. Such metal coverings, sometimes with “hidden” doors, and handrails in black steel are used throughout the different floors. The same applies to integrated furniture, such as areas for lying and reading as well as to unconventional accessories and fixtures. The brass head of a walking stick is used as a handle, for example. A separate room within the bathroom was planned for the bath tub, accessed through an oval opening. There is also an invitation to smile here: a mirror has been placed in such a way that the opening can be seen in it.

The “Parler Research House PR39” breaks convention right down to the details, has been planned with outside-the-box thinking and in the process, besides much comfort, offers many opportunities to smile.

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