Privathaus Talamanca, Ibiza
Photo © Germán Cabo
Privathaus Talamanca, Ibiza
Photo © Germán Cabo
Privathaus Talamanca, Ibiza
Photo © Germán Cabo
Privathaus Talamanca, Ibiza
Photo © Germán Cabo
LS 990 Alpinweiß
Photo © JUNG

Private house Talamanca

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Ibiza, Spain
Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos

Purist architecture in the Mediterranean region
Turquoise sea, Mediterranean green, rocky silhouettes: A unique environment for a special property. This private property in Talamanca, Ibiza is situated on a corner plot on a hillside. The aim of the architects was to capture the dreamlike scenery of all points of the compass and at the same time ensure adequate privacy for the interior of the house.

The slight slope lifts the villa perspectively above the horizon. Based on the contours of the terrain, a type of podium has been created: This allows panoramic views of the coast and mountain range without neglecting the desired intimacy of the inhabitants. The property itself is completely in white – despite its solid character, the private property with its clear lines appears pleasantly light and blends into the curved hillside location. The puristic design of the pool and the large window fronts emphasise the flowing architecture.

The ground floor fulfils the function of a jointly used day zone. The living and dining rooms as well as the kitchen are kept open. Transparent boundaries of the respective rooms are created by lighting elements and appropriate furniture – these can be adapted to the situation and allow flexible living situations. The ground floor is completely glazed overlooking the coast, the panoramic view is extended by continuing the glazing around the corner. The boundaries between interior and exterior merge seamlessly.

The interior of the house has also been designed as pure as the architecture: The furniture design is high-quality but discreet; the colour spectrum is kept in muted shades of grey and white. The JUNG classic LS 990 design in white has been used throughout the entire building - the reduced switch designs reflect the clear appearance of the white villa.

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