The experience of space and material is carried in the interaction between light and shadow. We are experts in the planning of daylight and artificial light. Our lighting solutions are an essential part of architecture, as light might also be shown as a decorative object. We are looking for the tension and balance between light and shadow and show highlights also through natural darkness.

Our years of experience in answering questions of light, makes us the ideal partner for clients, architects and engineers. We serve the architecture and see ourselves as reality-based artists in the handling of light.   Through efficient and process oriented work and the neutral selection of appropriate medium, we are committed to the client's needs.

We are partners in lighting applications for lighting projects of all types and sizes. These projects include administrative buildings, laboratory buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail, public and private indoor and outdoor spaces. We are flexible for small tasks and we are used to working on construction teams as well. In addition, we know how to use the light in an economical and energy efficient way.

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