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Schweizerisches Generalkonsulat

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Bundesamtes für Bauten und Logistik (BBL)
Local Architect
Opolis Architects, Mumbai

The „Buildings Abroad“ department of the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics (FOPH) has been committed to high-quality architecture for many years. This is of vital importance that federal buildings represent Switzerland abroad. The commitment of the BBL to give a very high value to architectural design besides being cost and schedule sensitive is very much appreciated by us architects.

The Swiss consulate general in Mumbai was renovated due to new definition of its functions and services. As the visa department was centralized in New Delhi, the available space was allocated to the entities Swiss Business Hub, Swissnex and Switzerland Tourism. It is the strategy of the FDFA to redefine the consular services with these participants and to create a uniform and representative environment. The project of the consulate general in Mumbai was considered a pilot project to redefine the idea of the Swiss Consulate.

The concept was to create a meeting and exchange platform under the patronage of the consulate and to represent Swiss values in India. With this in mind, an overall material concept was developed, which subtly represents the various entities. The new consulate allows and demands more openness towards visitors and amongst the entities themselves. The four entities are grouped around a common centre – an analogy to a village and its main square. The layout is organised in such a way that interactions and synergies between the various departments are encouraged and fostered by visual connections and by blurring boundaries between the four departments.

In this project, MACH has succeeded in welcoming guests with transparency and openness in addition to meeting the high security requirements for a governmental representation abroad.

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