Edy's Restaurant

St. Moritz

Behind NADER INTERIOR GmbH stands the Swiss interior designer Leslie Nader. She has created a name for herself by working extensively in the public sector designing restaurants and retail shops. Her versatile projects range from the sushi restaurant Yooji’s at Zurich Bahnhofstrasse to the gondola hall at the Laax Ski Resort.

Leslie Nader is not only known to create aesthetic spaces, but to showcase the uniqueness of each location through specific and atmospheric elements. Through her many years of professional experience in the US and in Europe, her work is marked with vast cultural influences. She creates her own style through progressive use of color and resolute accents all while managing to combine contemporary design with an emotional appeal.

Each project writes a new chapter and calls for another palette of moods. With passion, curiosity, and a broad sense of interesting materials, Leslie Nader is constantly searching for the unique. Her impressive concepts are not only original, but highly functional, carried out by careful planning while managing time and budget restraints.

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