Apartments "breeze", Arbon

Nightnurse Images was founded in 2010 in a shared living room in Zurich. We are delighted that we have since been able to develop into a household name in the area of architectural visualization in Switzerland and beyond.

Our team is a young, international group of dedicated architects and designers committed to visualisation.

Our work today includes the original visualisation service for architectural competitions as well as real estate marketing images for presentations and sales, product visualizations, 360 ° VR panoramas, solar studies, 3D animations and films, up to design support for architects.

Since 2014, the new subsidiary nightnurse images Inc. has been serving as a service hub, operating from New York, for our international customers. For inquiries in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German and Swiss German there is always someone in our team who can help.

Proud to serve you, spread out over several time zones, almost every day and night.

It is in the nature of our work that the works shown here, represent a moment during the evolution of a project. More often than not a design will continue to evolve until the moment the key is finally handed over to the client. At this precise moment, we too hand over. Our role is inherited by the architectural photographers, a species we feel strongly related to.

What we would like to show here are not primarily the stages of a design, but rather a collection of self-evident and independent images.

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