Public Swimming Pool for Appenzell


Our warmest congratulations to Peter Moor Architects from Zurich for their successful competition entry to build the new swimming pool i...

Complementary buildings for the government…

Frauenfeld, 2017

With the "dino" project, Gaumann Lüdi von der Ropp wins the competition for complementary government buildings in Thurgau.

Market Place in Flawil

Flawil, 2017

Visualizations for Esch Sintzel Architects and Schmid landscape architects for the competition to design a new marketplace in Flawil.

Studienauftrag Oesch Areal

Zug, 2017

Visualisierung des siegreichen Beitrags der Meier Hug Architekten zum Projekt Oesch-Areal.

KEBAG KVA Emmenspitz

Zuchwil, 2017

Visualisation for Penzel Architecture and its successful contribution to the competition for the construction of the new KEBAG in Zuchwil.


Bern, 2017

New building for the "Future Bern Railway Station" project, the new railway station underpass which will be completed by 2025. Office use...

Apartments "breeze", Arbon

Arbon, 2017

Visualizations for HRS Real Estate and the "breeze" development in Arbon: Unobstructable lake view on one of the last plots in Arbon dire...

Sennhäuser Birmensdorf

Birmensdorf, 2017

Visualisierungen für die Vermarktung der Sennhäuser in Birmensdorf. An bevorzugter Lage in Birmensdorf entwickelt SENN mit Graber Pulver ...

Commercial development "Zollstrasse"

Zurich, 2017

The process to find the ideal new neighbours for Zurich's main station was hosted by SBB and, due to extents and importance, had to e...


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016

These four yachts - designed by dutch Naval Architects vangeestdesign - were part of a series of images we did to introduce our act at th...

Peak Support/ Points of sale

International, 2016

We have benn assisting the excellent in-house team of renderers at IWC since 2016 whenever their architecture department workload gets ou...

Erlach nursery schools

Erlach, 2016

We’re very happy to see Kast Kaeppeli Architects from Berne and Bâle, who we have known for a long time - and have enjoyed wo...

Competition "Hardturm"

Zurich, 2016

A large number of stakeholders, a huge task and a great success. Our congratulations go to the team made up of Boltshauser, Pool and Caru...

Housing development "Stöckacker Süd"

Bern, 2015

After a long processing period since the competition (2008), the Stöckacker Süd project has entered the marketing phase. The ar...

Zwicky industrial site redevelopment

Zurich, 2015

This project contains a collection of images that were created under a whole range of conditions. Some were developed more closely with t...

Landscape project for "Technorama Park"

Winterthur, 2015

In 2015 Rotzler Krebs Partner approached us concerning a collaboration to visualise their vision for the surrounding landscape of the &qu...


Basel, 2014

The "Ozeanium" competition was announced and held in 2012 by the Zolli (Bâle Zoo). In close cooperation with Boltshauser ...

Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen, China

International School of Design Competition, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen, China, 2018