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Our fascination with 3D visualization led us to establish OVA studio in 2016. At our office in Zurich, we use collaborative synergies between architecture and design to create outstanding images of building proposals.

OVA studio is an interdisciplinary platform, specialized in realistic (un)built building photography, images ans design products rendering. OVA pursuits an interdisciplinary work with architects, 3D Artist, graphic designers and photographers around Europe.

As methodology, we are interested in understand the best graphic way to represent a concept. Therefore, we are fascinated about the constant transformation of graphic languages, where atmosphere, light and materiality craft the portrait of a preconceived idea.

The long experience in this field, especially in Switzerland, allows us to give efficient, suitable advice and services to architects and agencies. We like to share this working in process with our clients and combine the two points of view. Our experience with light and materials leads to atmospheric images that support building proposals and help to translate an idea to a wider audience.

We would love to help you and bring your project to live.

OVA Studio Services:
_Architectural visualizations for unbuilt projects and products
_Bird view, exterior and interior renderings
_2D | 3D visualizations Axonometries, perspectives sections and detail facades
_Visualizations and design brochures for marketing
_ VR 360° visualizations (interior and exterior)
_Animations for architecture and product presentations
_Architectural / Landscape Photography
_Visualizations and design brochures for marketing
_Advising and consultation for graphic strategies

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