Penthouse in Kilchberg

As if by magic, the retractable floor-to-ceiling glass fronts disappear into the ground
Video © HIRT moving architecture
Pure luxury: even in the dark, the lowered HIRT kinetics® enhance the infinity pool feeling
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Why choose between an indoor pool and an outdoor pool when you can have both?
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A wellness paradise with magnificent view high above Lake Zurich
Photo © Apix
HIRT kinetics
Arndt Geiger Hermann AG

Infinity pool so close to the sky

In Kilchberg on Lake Zurich, architects Arndt, Geiger and Hermann designed a unique penthouse on the roof of a luxury apartment building. The spectacular panorama allows the retractable window fronts from HIRT kinetics® to show their full potential. The floor-to-ceiling glass fronts provide elegance and a far-reaching view and emphasize the modern straight lines of the building. At second glance, they reveal their real attraction:

At the push of a button, they silently glide into the ground. The architects made perfect use of this opportunity to bring nature and the elements into the house. Depending on their mood and the weather, residents and guests can choose to have their swimming pool indoors or outdoors.

When the weather is nice, the retractable window fronts silently disappear into the ground, leaving no threshold. Air and sun flow into the spa area. In bad weather, the retractable fronts remain closed, shutting out wind and the cold. High-quality seals and multiple glazing ensure excellent thermal insulation properties. Elegance and sustainability are central to HIRT moving architecture®.

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