Poolhouse on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva
Poolhouse with retractable glass front
Video © HIRT moving architecture
An immediate eye-catcher: The wave pattern of the swimming pool’s floor is a stylish Art Deco element which takes up the maritime theme.
Photo © David Boraley
The retractable window front by HIRT kinetics® SF Spezial impresses with precise technology: Measuring 13.72 meters, it is manufactured in a single piece, yet vanishes effortlessly.
Photo © David Boraley
The retractable HIRT kinetics® window fronts vanish silently into the ground, leaving no step or threshold behind.
Photo © David Boraley
An undisturbed view of Lake Geneva. Swimming in the pool, you get to experience a stunning lake panorama.
Photo © David Boraley
No tripping hazard: The perfectly crafted retractable window fronts by HIRT kinetics® ensure a seamless transition between inside and outside.
Photo © David Boraley
Estravaganza Architectes turn a maritime dream into reality. The atmosphere is clear, modern, and natural.
Photo © David Boraley
At the edge of Lake Geneva, a dreamlike ensemble of the old and new emerged: Main building, poolhouse, and a beautiful, parklike garden create a perfect harmony.
Photo © David Boraley
Dolce vita in Switzerland: In good weather, the indoor pool easily transforms into an outdoor one.
Photo © David Boraley
Uncompromising: This paradise on Lake Geneva ties together the four Aristotelian elements and creates a treat for the senses.
Photo © David Boraley
HIRT kinetics
Lake Geneva
Project partner
Acomet SA
Estravaganza SA

Visionary poolhouse architecture on Lake Geneva

On Lake Geneva, the elements meld to form a unique ensemble – nature, lake, and poolhouse come together in perfect harmony. Thus, the southern extension grants symmetry to the complex of buildings and underlines the estate’s majestic character. Here, residents and guests find rest and relaxation surrounded by impressive architecture which incorporates the four classical Aristotelian elements of earth, air, water, and fire. Attached at ground level, the poolhouse stands out with its uncompromising elegance. Its length alone is exceptional. In addition, there are the striking Art Deco style wave pattern of its floor, and the light and airy roof construction which resembles the hull of a TF35 racing boat.

But the poolhouse’s secret highlight must certainly be the HIRT kinetics® window front, measuring almost 14 meters in length and manufactured in one single piece, which opens up onto the parklike gardens and beyond those, onto Lake Geneva. At the press of a button, the retractable front lowers silently into the ground, and in doing so, transforms the indoor pool into an outdoor one. Now, a gentle breeze blows from the lake and sunlight warms your skin. This unique experience of nature is made perfect by the seamless transition into the garden, which gently slopes down toward Lake Geneva. Diving into the pool, you can almost believe that you’re swimming in the lake itself. No step or threshold mars the unique panorama.

With HIRT moving architecture®, builders and architects need not compromise any longer: The days when sunlight and fresh air precluded high energy efficiency are over. Thanks to multiple layer glazing and pneumatic seals, the ingenious HIRT technology achieves excellent thermal insulation.

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