MoMö – Museum of Modern Öpfel

Arbon, 2018

MoMö is the Swiss competence centre for traditional juice crafts. A sensual world of experience has been created on more than 1000m2 ...


WOW Museum - Room for illusions

Zürich, 2020

The WOW is more than just a museum: it is a colourful world of illusion that inspires children, young people and adults alike through dig...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Galerie Mark Müller

Zurich, 2011

A place for art that doesn’t deny its past. Galerie Mark Müller moved near Zurich’s Main Station in Kreis 5, a neighborhood full of cu...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

Fair Booth, Eternit Floor, Designers’ Saturday

Langenthal, 2018

The Japanese-inspired indoor garden allows for sensual contact with the product. With our pavilion, we created a space-in-space situat...

Frédéric Dedelley Produkt- und Raumgestaltung

“Exotic?” at Palais de Rumine

Lausanne, 2020

Awakening Curiosity and Posing Questions. What did the discovery of exotic worlds trigger in people’s hearts and minds? How did this i...



Möhl, 2018

Tiefe Dunkelheit ist im MoMö die Basis der Lichtsprache Die Mosterei Möhl verwirklichte auf ihrem Betriebsgelände in Arbon einen gleiche...



Geneva, 2019

Given the complexity of the performance and the story told and played, the display proposes a series of “objects of mediation”. They are...


Sounds of Silence

Bern, 2018

Silence when it comes to communication, is that possible? In a society driven by speed, pressure and noise, the value of silence seems to...



Bussigny, 2019

1er prix - Le projet immobilier, développé dans le secteur stratégique «Arc-En-Ciel – Cocagne-Buyère» à Bussigny, prévoit à terme une mix...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin


Basel, 2012

Vifor Pharma is a globally active company in the field of research, development, manufacture and marketing of products for the treatment ...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Creaplant – Designers' Saturday

Langenthal, 2012

These floating orbs of earth in which the plants grow are fascinating to behold. String Garden is what Creaplant calls this product. The ...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

WOGG – Designers' Saturday

Langenthal, 2008

The dominating elements of this exhibition concept are three room-filling textile lighting elements. Extending downwards from the existin...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Creaplant – Designers' Saturday

Langenthal, 2014

The exhibition site is a warehouse and the main attraction is a garden system. The starting point for the poetic installation is a ‘Float...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Creaplant – Designers’ Saturday

Langenthal, 2010

This three-dimensional tropical garden is a festival for the senses. The main attraction in this exhibition is the Wonderwall, a vertical...

Architekturbüro Herbert Bruhin

Creaplant – Designers' Saturday

Langenthal, 2016

A special atmosphere emerges on entering the exhibition hall: there are palms between the shelves and in the distance verdant plants grow...

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