Urban Planning Processes in Lagos (2nd. ed.)


FABULOUS URBAN | NIGERIA FOUNDATION is an urban design, research, and planning agency specializing in regions of the Global South, established in Geneva and currently based in Zurich, Stuttgart, and Lagos. Our design and planning approach is strongly research-led and radically hands-on. We act as well as think-tank, drawing up position statements and developing background information.

In our design and planning work we stand for comprehensive, community-based concepts, preferably covering all scales in one project – from strategic planning to detailed construction design, keeping the dignity of all humans in the center of thoughts. Empowering communities – and therein especially the women and girls – is a key strategy in our projects. We tap into (functioning) local practices, we embed ourselves into local and strategic actor-networks as well as into (our own) evidence-based research.

In our research and think-tank activities we engage in civil-society-led urban planning policy development and in the empowerment of micro-governance processes. We develop working and position papers on urbanization topics and we conduct workshops with low-income communities for capacity strengthening purposes. We aim at contributing to the ongoing debate on the African city as well as to decolonial urban planning and infrastructure planning approaches in sub-Saharan Africa. We strive for a world where all humans enjoy a life as complete humans, free from exploitation and discrimination of any kind.

Depending on the case, constellation, and funding, we operate from Zurich (Switzerland), Stuttgart (Germany), and Lagos (Nigeria).

FABULOUS URBAN | NIGERIA FOUNDATION is registered in Switzerland and in Nigeria.

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