Campus Reichold


Campus Reichhold is located in a very well-connected spot between Zurich and Basel, in proximity to the city of Brugg. The site is situated in a diverse urban and landscape context: fields, forests on hills, the small town of Hausen bei Brugg, and the industrial zone of Lupfig. Adjacent areas are rapidly developing, where modern industries are replacing old ones, and where the population is swiftly growing. Traditional housing is being mixed with newly established projects.

The Campus acts as a connection hub between various zones, housing numerous types of modern industries within its premises. It provides a symbiotic environment for companies and innovators seeking a modern and efficient setting, creating possibilities for interactions that will lead to new business opportunities.
Integration within the surrounding landscape and letting nature be part of the project’s urban structure is an essential driving aspect that increases the overall quality for potential users. Buildings’ locations, typologies, and sizes were carefully designed through elaborate contextual analysis, that included all site surroundings. Extensive effort was made to ensure the humane interaction with neighboring developments is met.

Modular grids have been introduced to the site acting as frames for buildings, making the project consistent and rational in terms of aesthetics and structure.
In addition to emphasizing on innovation, an important factor and driver is attached to the region’s construction tradition. Timber has been introduced as a structural component forming the buildings’ skeletons, as well as used as the main cladding material. To facilitate the company's workflow in a more efficient way, facilities such as meeting rooms, lobbies, gastronomy, storage, bicycle parking, and co-working spaces will be included as shared communal spaces.

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