Svizra27/ Labor Ludens

Team Fabienne Hoelzel and Claudia Meier wins Svizra27

The winning Svizra27 project was submitted by the team of Fabienne Hoelzel and Claudia Meier. Fabienne Hoelzel, born in Aarau, is an architect and professor of Urban Design at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart; Claudia Meier is an architect and lecturer at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Amongst the five finalists, the duo and their team were the clear favourite. Svizra27 will feature nine themes presented in a playful format and will be held at nine locations across Northwestern Switzerland. Fabienne Hoelzel, Claudia Meier and their team will be joining the Overall Project Management team of Svizra27 as Creative Directors starting from 1 January 2022.

Schindler Global Award

Nominated for one of the 12 prizes – "Urban Metabolism. Mumbai", Urban Design Studio, ABK Stuttgart, Chair of Urban Design in collaboration with Chair of Digital Design (10 students)

DAAD Research Scholarship

Research stipend for two-month field work in Lagos (Nigeria)

Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet

The Chair of Urban Design, Prof. Fabienne Hoelzel, at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design received a project funding for the development of the Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet