Metaverse Architecture Biennale: Presence of the Future

The biggest global architectural event in the Metaverse
The event will be open to everyone, and visitors would need just a computer and internet connection. Organized and curated by Dearch Space, Metancy, and W3rlds - companies standing at the forefront of metaverse development, the event is expected to gather tens of thousands of people from industries of design and Web 3 and enthusiasts following the world’s latest cultural and technological trends.

Explore pavilions and worlds by creators leading the industry of virtual architecture
Our event is inspired by the Venice Architecture Biennale and Expo exhibitions. By bringing the best IRL architects into the web3 area, we aim to reach the same level of cultural value. Their designs will reflect the title of this Biennale and manifest the 'Presence of the future' in a built form. Moreover, there would be two unique designs rather than one from each architect – one on the Decentraland platform and one on the W3rlds platform.

Educate yourself and meet new co-thinkers
In addition to the "build" environment at the Biennale, the visitors would have a chance to participate in cultural and entertainment events, including opening and closing ceremonies, lectures and public talks, Architecture Carnival, and others. The public program would be published closer to the event date and would include experts from the architecture, Metaverse, design, and marketing industries.
The event would gather together tens of thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the new step in the development of the virtual environment and would be a great place to meet new people.

'Presence of the future' manifesto
The title "Presence of the Future" was chosen for the first Metaverse Architecture Biennale not just because it reflects our current situation but also because it pays homage to the first Venice Architecture Biennale, which was named "Presence of the Past." The 1980 Biennale, directed by Paolo Portoghesi, was a significant global event that brought together renowned architects such as Gehry, Hollein, Koolhaas, Venturi, Scott Brown, and Rossi. Their presentations and essays celebrated postmodernism as the dominant architectural style at the time. Today, our worldview and design tools have evolved, with digital technology being the primary medium for creating a new language and culture. Postmodernism has been replaced by a new term called Metamodernism, although its meaning is still subject to interpretation.The "Presence of the Future" exhibit aims to showcase architecture's ability to reshape modern life in virtual spaces. As we witness new modes of communication and collaboration, we urge designers and architects to envision and shape our future. This exhibit brings architecture's life-changing power to the metaverse, setting a positive direction for its development.

21 September to 24 September 2023
Online Event
Dearch Space, Metancy, and W3rlds
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