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Through a very immersive approach that identifies your needs, we apply our own methodology to integrate cost, deadlines and quality. We work with ingenuity and digital technologies to develop projects that are unique and affordable.

Whatever the scale, our approach is resolutely contextual, by setting up spaces that encourage exchange, cohesion and connection with the environment in the broadest sense of the term. We work in particular on territorial projects, innovative workspaces, contemporary habitat, as well as experimental research and installations. Around the office revolve different areas of expertise.

Constantly surrounded by specialists, they cultivate a multidisciplinary work, both with engineers and with philosophers, photographers, designers or scenographers.

Thanks to international friendships forged during various workshops, trips or conference cycles, the office has been enriched with different visions won from all over the world. Without borders or cultural boundaries, skills are exchanged, developed, shared and crystallized in the different projects.

The Kuník de Morsier office was founded in 2010 by Valentin Kuník and Guillaume de Morsier.

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