Erni Areal

View from the street
Visualization © KCAP
Visualization © KCAP
Situation plan
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Drawing © KCAP
Drawing © KCAP
Drawing © KCAP
Photo © KCAP
Drawing © KCAP
Model photo
Photo © KCAP
Model photo
Photo © KCAP
KCAP Zürich
Mobimo Management AG
KCAP, Studio Vulkan, Raumanzug

This inner-city area is being transformed into a high-density neighbourhood with housing, offices, shops and gastronomy. The plot is surrounded by small-scale housing, compact tower blocks and various industries - including a high-rise warehouse for Coca-Cola. As the company expands its operations, this increases the differences in scale. In addition, the site is heavily affected by noise pollution, as it is close to a motorway exit, along a busy thoroughfare and directly under the approach route of Zurich airport. Such a challenging location required a precise design solution.
The concept responds to the heterogeneous context with a very clear standpoint of its own. Instead of grand gestures and high points, the district offers a contrast with compact, low-rise buildings. The high density creates its own world inside, creating several cosy, small-scale niches. A backbone of interlocking public spaces creates a liveable, sheltered environment. The new neighbourhood is characterised by four different typologies: the atrium dwelling, the linear dwelling, the point dwelling and the twin dwelling. The selection of the number of buildings and typologies ensured both cohesion and optimisation, creating a measured balance between repetition and variation.

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