Morges Station

Mikou & Mikou Architekten AG

Competition 2015

21 800 sqm of housing, 10 600 sqm of offices, 6 400 sqm of retails, 1 000 sqm of train station, 3200 sqm de hotel, 500 sqm of kindergarten, 500 sqm of police station, 2 300 sqm of school.
CFF Immobilier, City of Morges
48 000 sqm
Morges, Switzerland

The project applies the principle of permeable configuration of blocks. This consists in fragmenting the built masses in the Sablon Centre area and creating North-South openness and transparency

by means of landscaped gaps above the continuous plinth. The buildings are modelled like an

archipelago of landscape buildings, freeing both North-South and East-West visual perspectives.

In this new entirely pedestrianized public district, there is a mix of different types of buildings, but

also a mix of uses and especially of different people, from public transport users to strollers, local residents, office workers, passing tourists and local shopkeepers. The buildings have a high-performance envelope, covered with prefabricated fibrous concrete facing panels. Windows are flush with the internal face of the external wall and are stressed by an anodised aluminium frame. The continuous lines of loggias facing due south are protected by sliding screen-printed glass panels.



  • Perrondach Bahnhof Filisur
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Paul Reinhart Dreifach-Sporthalle
    Walter Bieler AG
  • Centro Studi Canavée Mendrisio
    Soliman Zurkirchen Architekten
  • Dialogue Center “Przełomy”
    KWK Promes architect
  • Hotel in Czorsztyn
    KWK Promes architect


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