Aquatis - Cité de l'eau douce

RDR architectes
Lausanne | Buenos Aires

In 1993, Jacques Richter and Ignacio Dahl Rocha, having taken over the practice initiated by Richter & Gut, founded RDR architectes in Lausanne. In 1999, two of their early collaborators, Kenneth Ross and Christian Leibbrandt, joined them as partners. In 2018, Antoine Barc, Frédéric Comby and Hilario Dahl Rocha become partners, reinforcing the management team already including Manuel Perez, head of the Construction Management team, and Baris Kansu leading the RDR design group.

After founding RDR architectes in Lausanne, Switzerland, Ignacio Dahl Rocha and Jacques Richter opened RDR Arquitectos in Buenos Aires in 2005 in collaboration with Bruno Emmer and Bárbara Moyano Gacitúa, who had been working in the swiss office since 1998 up until their return to Argentina. Nicole Michel and Facundo Morando joined the team between 2007 and 2009. In december 2011, Bárbara Moyano Gacitúa decided to give her career a new direction.
RDR Arquitectos aims to offer the high level of competence and quality of a swiss office, while having a team based in Buenos Aires. The collaboration between the swiss and argentine offices favors human and cultural exchanges as well as the transfer of knowledge and technologies between the two countries.

RDR architectes defends an architecture rooted in the social and urban reality, detached from fashion and inspired by the historical and cultural context. Combining creativity and professionalism and covering all areas of architectural, urban and interior design services, this last area in particular being the responsibility of RDR design. All phases of the design process are covered, from preliminary studies through to construction and site management, where exacting the highest standards has become an integral part of their reputation.


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