Fotografia © Cloud No. 7
Fotografia © Cloud No. 7
Fotografia © Cloud No. 7
Fotografia © Cloud No. 7
Fotografia © Cloud No. 7

Cloud No. 7

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Stuttgart, Germany

Complete Spring 2016

GTL Landschaftsarchitekten
Geplan Design

28,000 m², 301,000 ft²

When famous car designer Sergio Scaglietti was designing his legendary racing cars in the 1950s and 60s, he coined a phrase that also applies to architecture – an approach that we have adopted as our basic philosophy at our design studio in Los Angeles: It’s not only about form and function, but also the passion that it creates. Cloud No 7 is a project whose design was developed with passion, whose shape was drawn with the heart and soul of our designers and architects, with functionality meeting the highest standards – representing the state of the art in technology in building services and sustainability.

The building is situated in the new Library Quarter – 3 Design lines are available, based on literary themes.

Located within the well-known “Stuttgart 21” development, Cloud No. 7 occupies the most prominent site. On a major intersection the facade signifies the many intersecting modes of transportation that the site provides. Built overtop of a new rail hub, Cloud No. 7 will provide a well connected home and hotel to its occupants.

CLOUD N0.7 is adjacent to around a million square meters of central downtown apartments, retail outlets and offices under construction at main station, and the heart of the European quarter is already more than 80% complete. The historic castle gardens and Rosenstein Park are converging into one, while other parks are seeing significant extensions. Parks, cultural, medical, educational and academic institutions are nearby, and Stuttgart’s downtown, castle gardens and main station are within walking distance from Cloud No 7. The metro train service stops at the door, as does the new Milaneo shopping district.