Klosteranlage St. Avgin

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Antiochstiftung Kloster St.Avgin Arth

The monastery garden, the inner courtyard, the cemetery and the monastery wall are important elements of monastic ensembles. The orthogonal orientation, a typical feature of monastic architecture, therefore has a high priority. The cellular and closed structure of the monastery is a basic prerequisite for the formation of its gardens. A permanent dialogue between space and architecture is created.

In the design of the garden, the memory of the past, the careful handling of the stock and an economic use of resources are at a central point. Not the reconstruction but the simple and the needs of today's users were at the forefront. By removal of scattered additions and peculiar areas, the monastery was returned to its spatial clarity. Structurally the axes were strengthened and clarified, the materialization simplified and by a choice of plants atmospheric spaces have been created.

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