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Oslo, Norway

Take on a new perspective – With the aim to find innovative, optimized and energy efficent ways of room air conditioning.

Since 1877, the way Kiefer thinks and acts has revolved around optimum solutions and products. The aim has always been to create ventilation and air-conditioning technology that is fit for people, does not harm the environment and saves energy – and today more than ever. Our customers' satisfaction is very important to us. This means that we are on hand during every phase of the project: from the initial sketch through the finished project all the way to installation and maintenance services.

Our range of services:
Plant engineering for optimised comfort and industrial air conditioning: for offices, organisations, hospitals, libraries and museums, as well as in mechanical engineering and in the high-tech, textile, plastics, chemical, automotive, beverage and food industries | Linear diffusers, wall air passages, ceiling air diffusers, displacement outlets, chilled ceiling systems and concrete core cooling with air | Consulting & planning, design and installation, maintenance & customer service: full service from a single source | Research and development in our in-house laboratory, where we develop innovative products for the international air-conditioning market and carry out detailed analyses of ambient air flow | Many years of experience and specialised knowledge of processes in a wide range of sectors | Close collaboration with building owners, architects, planning offices and engineering firms | Large sales network both nationally and internationally

Our trademark:
Kiefer air diffusers stand for draught-free air distribution, high quality, attractive design and perfect installation details for unobtrusive integration into the room.

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