Alterszentrum im Geeren Seuzach Restaurant


A good lighting design uses light to enhance the character of a space creating not only a special ambience but also comfort and security. The right light promotes creativity, efficiency and productivity of people who are learning and working in the space and reduces errors. Innovative, unique and unmistakable atmospheres make a great impression on customers and for people with limited vision, adapted lighting makes everyday life easier.

Our experienced team is always on the lookout for innovative and sustainable solutions at the highest design level. We work in an interdisciplinary method both internally with our sister companies EK Energy Concepts and Lenum and externally with all project participants such as architects and specialist planners.

Many of our designers work part-time – for us that’s sustainable and future-oriented, too.

The regional relationship to nature influences our work every day and motivates us to plan our lighting in a sustainable manner and conserve resources.

Our team consists of employees of different origins – in terms of their training as well as culturally. We employ architects, interior designers and product designers from 6 different nations with a comprehensive understanding of light, but also for the entire construction area and construction process, as well as many years of professional experience in the construction and energy industries.

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