Z.E.K. Office Park

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Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
100.000 – 1 Mio.
5–20 Stockwerke

The story of this Project begins with a GEODE and its internal make-up.The Project is conceived as an entity having the same sectional construct, i.e. A  Hard  Exterior  and  a  Soft  Crystalline  Interior.

The plans are so configured that the Outer Shell of Fair Concrete appears SOLID and controls the LIGHT entering the building.

6 differently stacked floor plans weave an Atrium, onto which office terraces and wooden boxes of meeting rooms look upon.

The atrium constitutes the breathing lungs of building, and is visualized as a space with Trees and Rough Stone, and a Water body; thus creating a social space conducive to small gatherings and lunch meetings.

The building sits on a half-basement which accommodates services and Tenant Parking.

The simplicity of Structural Deployment makes for Economy.

Weitere Projekte von Spasm Design Architects