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ATP architects engineers Zurich (formerly kfp) is one of 11 independent design offices within the ATP group. Since 2009 the office with 35 architects and engineers has been in the enterprise network of ATP architects engineers.
ATP specializes in complex, lifecycle-optimized new and refurbished buildings and is constantly striving to design and realize innovative solutions of sustainable quality.

ATP is the world’s first architectural and engineering company with a certified integrated design approach (Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management ISO 14001).

ATP architects engineers
With over 900 employees ATP architects engineers is Europe’s leading integrated design company. ATP has a headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria and eleven offices located across the DACH and CEE Regions. These are supported by a number of in-house research and consulting companies and serve clients from the industrial, real estate, retail, and health sectors.

Integrated design – core competence since 1976
Integrated design is considered an essential requirement for optimal design quality and planning certainty and as the key to sustainable, resource-friendly, and low-energy buildings. ATP has been convinced of its importance for more than 40 years. As a pioneer of integrated design "from a single source" ATP is also an early mover in the area of digitalization and is driving the development of the construction industry in this field.

Integrated design – a team of top minds in a structured network
The principle of interdisciplinary cooperation between architecture and engineering is experienced every day at ATP through the "corporate structure" of an organization that never stops learning. From the very start of the design process ATP's in-house consulting companies support our clients in deciding whether and which building measures are required in order to optimally support a building's core processes. First, a corporate vision is transformed into an implementable project strategy. Then, a feasibility study provides the basis for the order quality and, subsequently, the lifecycle-oriented, BIM-supported integrated design, the aim of which is to encourage a sustainable period of use.

Architects and engineers at ATP are encouraged by a range of career opportunities and paths. This differentiates ATP from most design companies in the DACH Region. In ATP's offices, knowledge is directly processed and passed on. Due to the company’s standardized planning processes, responsibility can be delegated within the team without any compromise to ATP's high quality standards. The Lead Project Manager is the client’s sole point of contact. He or she heads an interdisciplinary ATP team of architects, structural and building services engineers, and construction managers throughout the entire design and construction process up to the handover of the building to the facility management.

Integrated design – the opportunity of digitalization
Since 2012, integrated design at ATP has been digitally supported by BIM. ATP's many years of integrated design culture enable it to fully benefit from the advantages of BIM in terms of quality and sustainability in a way not permitted by more traditional approaches to design. The in-house BIM standard that has been developed by ATP over many years is available to all market users via the BIMpedia knowledge platform.

Integrated design – the environment that inspires innovation
The work of ATP's in-house Design and Research Studios (D&R), the sustainability research company ATP sustain, and the special design office Mint Architecture mean that the latest findings in the areas of systemic and technological development permanently flow into the integrated design process. ATP is involved in the latest research in the areas of integrated design and BIM thanks to its close cooperation with Vienna University of Technology. ATP is also a founding member of the DGNB, the ÖGNI, and
IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau.

Integrated design – equitable and participative
Partners, Associate Partners, and Associates embody ATP's corporate culture. They show enormous engagement in interdisciplinary matters, through the ATP Academy and corporate knowledge management processes as well as the support of women and family-friendly careers. The ATP partnership (since 1990) shares corporate responsibility with employees while also offering them the opportunity to share in the company's success.

Matthias Wehrle

1962 Kuhn & Stahel
1988 Kuhn Fischer Partner Architekten AG
2007 kfp architekten ag
2009 ATP kfp Architekten und Ingenieure AG
2017 ATP architekten ingenieure Zürich AG

11 European offices for integrated design:
– Innsbruck
– Vienna
– Munich
– Frankfurt
– Berlin
– Hamburg
– Nuremberg
– Zurich
– Zagreb
– Budapest
– Moscow

Research & specialist design:
– ATP sustain
– D&R Studios
– ATP health
– Mint Architecture

Design sectors:
– Production and logistics
– Retail and entertainment
– Offices and administration
– Health
– Education and research
– Tourism
– Housing
– Interior design
– Multifunctional buildings
– Urban planning
– Infrastructure and transport

– redserve
real estate development services
– foodfab
food industry (processes and buildings)
– FactoryXperts
food and beverage industry
(baking industry)
– plandata
IT services

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